• Powerflow Solutions Ltd. is an authorised stockist / distributor of products from ARGO-HYTOS, a strong brand in fluid technology. They offer an integrated approach supported by a wealth of know-how in fluid and motion control technology and filtration in mobile and industrial hydraulics.
  • When it comes to industrial and mobile hydraulic systems, the names ARGO and HYTOS are synonymous with intelligent system solutions.
  • ARGO has more than 50 years of experience in hydraulic filtration and has developed into one of the global market leaders, especially in the mobile hydraulic sector.
  • HYTOS ranks as a leading specialist in control technology and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic components for the industrial and mobile hydraulic sectors.

Powerflow Solutions Services:

  • Filtration, including suction strainers, suction filters, high pressure filters, filling and venting, and customised solutions.
  • Fluid management, including offline filters and filtration units, dewatering units, and water absorbing filter elements.
  • Sensors and measurement, including portable oil diagnostic system, stationary particle monitors, and software.
  • Fluid and motion, including directional control valves, cartridge valves, proportional directional valves, customised power packs, and power units with immersed electric motors.

Powerflow Solutions Products:

  • Filtration Management
  • Fluid Management
  • Sensors and Measurement
  • Fluid and Motion Control

Products Details:

manufactures sophisticated filter solutions, mainly applied in hydraulic and lubrication systems as well as in transmissions. The range of solutions that have been implemented extend from stationary industrial plants to mobile applications. Next to customized developments, that are precisely tailored to customer individual requirements, ARGO-HYTOS offers a comprehensive range of innovative standard solutions for a wide variety of sectors:

Fluid Management:
As well as reducing maintenance and servicing costs, efficient fluid management is also a key factor in boosting the reliability, productivity and cost-effectiveness of the operation. ARGO-HYTOS supplies application-oriented products for manual and automatic cleaning of hydraulic fluids:

Sensors and Measurement:
Systems that provide reliable assessment of the condition of hydraulic fluids are the key feature of continuous fluid monitoring. Sensors and measurement technology from ARGO-HYTOS precisely target this range of tasks. Our fluid monitoring products comprise equipment and system solutions to enable online monitoring during continuous operation as well as analysis of bottled samples under laboratory conditions.

Fluid and Motion Control