About Camozzi Pneumatics Ltd.:

  • Powerflow Solutions Ltd. was selected to be a stockist and supplier of Camozzi products because of our product knowledge and dedication to serving local market needs. We give our customers access to Camozzi’s comprehensive range of component solutions or fully designed and tested systems.
  • Camozzi Pneumatics Ltd. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pneumatic components with more than 4,000 products. It is represented in more than 65 countries world-wide. Their production sites are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN ISO 14001:1996.
  • Inside each Camozzi component is their commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence. Each component and accessory is designed, planned, manufactured, and tested to the highest possible specification to ensure consistent levels of product excellence are achieved. The complex and widely varying needs of their customers set the agenda not only for innovative product development, but also for quality, commitment and service.

Powerflow Solutions Services:

  • Delivering Camozzi products from their central UK depot quickly and reliably.
  • Providing our customers with a comprehensive range of pneumatic valves, tube and tube fittings. Actuators to ISO and VDMA standards. Cylinders are manufactured to standard lengths or to customer requirements.
  • Supplying solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, mechanical valves, industrial and process valves, as well as filter regulators and lubricators, and tube and tube fittings.

Powerflow Solutions Products:

Products in Detail:

Actuators (Movement)

  • Camozzi offers a wide range of cylinders with diameters from 6 to 200 mm and with strokes from 5 to 3000 mm, single-acting or double-acting, with or without through rod, magnetic or non-magnetic, with external guiding available on some models.

    The cylinders can be used in numerous applications, such as assembly lines, packaging and production machinery, at high temperatures and in extremely corrosive environments.

    The large and versatile range of Camozzi's cylinders allow the user a greater degree of flexibility in devising technical solutions, by offering numerous mounting options, high speed rates and ensuring the use of high quality raw materials in its components. A large selection of cylinder accessories is available to complete the range.

Valves (Control)

Camozzi offers a large range of valves and solenoid valves with varying dimensions for use in different types of equipment. The components have been produced for single use and for mounting on manifolds or on sub-bases, and each size has been designed to give the most effective performance possible. A large number of voltage and coil options are available within the solenoid range.

This range of valves includes operating devices suitable for most applications according to the space available. They are offered in a range of different dimensions from M5 to G1/4 and in versions 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 centre open and 5/3 centre closed.

This type of valve is offered with ports from M5 to G1/4 in different versions, including 3/2 NC, 3/2 NO and 5/2 and with a variety of operators to meet a wide range of uses. The valves are available both with brass gate and with spool.

Camozzi has not neglected the importance of the automatic valves because actuator performance depends on the right choice of automatic valve.

The range includes flow regulators, quick release valves, flow control valves, basic logic functions and silencers with different specifications.

FRL (Treatment)

  • Camozzi understands the important role of the FRL group and therefore offers two complete ranges with diameters from 1/8" to 1", using three different filtering types.

Fittings (Connection)

  • Camozzi offers a large selection of fittings and accessories suitable for a wide range of applications. Universal fittings, super-rapid fittings, quick release couplings and accessories are available in different dimensions from M5 to G1/2.

    Our fittings range includes the patented and longstanding Sprint system that guarantees tightening and facilitates the repeated removal and reassembly of the fitting.

    Fittings include super rapid fittings for plastic tubes; rapid fittings for plastic tubes; universal fittings; quick release couplings; and technopolymer super rapid fittings.